NM Work Positioner

The safe and easy maneuverable lifting trolley

Prevent workplace injuries and back pain with correct lifting equipment

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New Mechanic is a global leading provider and manufactor of NM Work Positioner since 1994

New Mechanic is a global leading provider of ergonomic lifting aids and material handling equipment. Through our modular product design and extensive experience in customized models, we provide our customers with smart lifting equipment adapted to individual needs. With help of improved ergonomics and ease of use, we increase our customers’ productivity while preventing the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.


Center load, short wheelbase and low weight provide the safest and the most maneuverable work positioner on the market.

With a wide selection of accessories and options for customizations gives NM Work Positioner great potential to become the perfect lifting carriage for your needs and wishes. Our own manufactured ergonomically designed NM Work Positioner are sold worldwide. Our specialty is lift solutions for weights from / up to 65-250 kg. We’ll help you find the most ergonomic and economic Work Positioner solution for your needs.

Please contact us today for a free Work Positioner need analysis.

An ergonomic lifting trolley increases productivity and minimizes workplace injuries

Work-related injuries is one of the most common causes for sick leave. Monotonous movements and incorrect heavy lifting can lead to long-term sickness absence and become unnecessarily costly for the employer. An ergonomic lifting trolley helps you eliminate and prevent lifting injuries.



NM 65

Maximum loading capacity 65 kg


NM 85

Maximum loading capacity 85 kg


NM 105

Maximum loading capacity 105 kg


NM 105 LEM

Maximum loading capacity 100 kg


NM 155 L

Maximum loading capacity 155 kg


NM 205

Maximum loading capacity 205 kg

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