Prevent workplace injuries with NM Work Positioner

Since 1994 we have been contributing to a healthier working environment and reduced manual heavy lifting around the world. By using a mobile battery-powered lifting trolley the strain on back, muscles, tendons and joints are reduced.

Particularly hazardous areas when handling heavy lifts manually:

  • Lumbar spine
  • Shoulders and shoulder blades

Mobile technical lifting aids are a very good alternative for reducing or eliminating manual handling. Manual lifts over 25 kg is not recommended and repeated lifts should not exceed 15 kg. Heavy lifting should be avoided completely if possible, especially lifting in combination with leaning sideways, bent or twisted working positions, which further increases the risk of injury.


Work-related injuries and pain

Over a third of all workplace injuries is caused by heavy manual handling. Injuries is often caused by a combination of different factors including heavy lifting and shifting of loads, monotonous work, and awkward working postures.

An investment for well-being as well as productivity

Invest in your employees and your business by equipping the workplace with ergonomic lifting aids. An easy and economic solution for a healthier work environment and injury prevention.

How to prevent work-related injuries and pain

  • Avoid harmful postures, motions and lifts
  • Minimize uncomfortable and repetitive movements
  • Always use lifting aids when possible
  • Vary your working position and take breaks