Work Positioner NM 205

Maximum loading capacity 205 kg, lyftspann 105-1315 mm

• Dimensions L: 1010 x W: 570 x H: 1590 mm.
• Lift speed 43 mm/s
• Platform size 560 x 600 mm
• Motor power 2 x 0,3kW
• Battery 24 V / 7,2 Ah
• Charger 2 A / 230 V
• Weight 73 kg


A very easy manoeuvrable work positioner for easy handling of material in areas such as catering, industrial and hospitals. Center load, short wheelbase and low weight provide a very stable construction. The rear wheels are fitted with foot brake for safe fixation of the Work Positioner. The strategically placed remote control has a stepless two speed gear and operates the forks / platform smoothly up and down.

The battery is using an auto-cut-off function and cannot overcharge. The unit is suitable for most worldwide voltages. Thanks to its dense design, the NM Work Positioner is also very easy to keep clean.

Easily customised for your specific requirements with our wide range of accessories and tools.

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