Work positioner NM 65 Bike Lift

Maximum loading capacity 60 kg, lifting range 200-1 500 mm

• Dimensions L: 738 x B: 470 x H: 1600
• Lift speed 88 mm/s
• Motor power 0,3kW
• Battery 24 V / 7,0 Ah
• Charger 2 A / 24 V
• Weight 39 kg

Category: SKU: PGA92387-1


A very easy manoeuvrable work positioner for eBike maintenance and service. Due to the lifting mast unique positioning at the rear of the chassis have achieved near perfect weight distribution. Provided with extra support legs for secure fixation. The bike is smoothly maneuvered up and down with the strategically placed remote control, with two speed modes. Equipped with a tool compartment in galvanized steel for best durability.

The battery is using an auto-cut-off function and cannot overcharge. The unit is suitable for most worldwide voltages.